Donating $1 per like (matched to $3) to the Drupal Association

Like many of you, my life has changed because of open source software. Drupal, in particular, is the first open source project I became deeply involved in, and my income from Drupal work has supported my family for years.

I've attended local Drupal Camps, many DrupalCons, and even worked for a few great Drupal companies. The Drupal Association has been a major part of sustaining the Drupal community for many years, and due to COVID-19, they're struggling financially this year.

They rely heavily on DrupalCon revenue, and they use those funds to maintain and grow, market Drupal, and support community events.

Unlike many other open source projects, Drupal is a community-first project. There's no one company that 'owns' Drupal, and so if the Drupal Association fails, there will be a lot of damage to the project.

Until the end of April, Dries Buytaert and his wife Vanessa have pledged to match every donation made to the Drupal Association, up to $100,000.

Update 04/21: Now a coalition of Drupal business will also match all contributions this month, meaning every like will be worth $3!

For every like on the YouTube video above (you need to visit the video on YouTube directly or in the mobile app to click 'like'), I will donate $1 through my service Hosted Apache Solr. Those donations will be matched by Dries and Vanessa to double the impact, then matched by the coalition of Drupal businesses to triple the impact.

I don't think I'll get anywhere near this many likes, but I have to put a ceiling of $1,000 on my donation for financial reasons. But I would like to donate as much as possible, so please click like on the video—every person who does so just donated 2 3 dollars!

You can also support the Drupal Association directly—follow this link: Donate to the Drupal Association.

If you usually watch sports and want something to fill that void, I'm also doing a live Drupal 7 to 8 migration series on my YouTube channel; you can see upcoming streams by subscribing to the channel. I hope you are well and please support those who are less fortunate if you can!