End of April - #DrupalCares pledge matched, $3000 total raised!

At the beginning of April, the Drupal Association announced a new #DrupalCares campaign to secure funding to keep the Association's lights on after DrupalCon Minneapolis was mothballed due to certain global events.

Very quickly, many in the Drupal community stepped up, increasing contributions, making one-time donations, or even pledging a generous 2-for-1 match. I decided to pledge $1 for every like on this video, and as of today, it had over 800 likes!

I decided to round that up to a clean $1000, and used that money to make my Hosted Apache Solr service a Community Supporting Partner, pledging a thousand dollars a year to sustain the Drupal Association now, and in the future.

Other efforts, like Gábor Hojtsy's 'Drupal 9 Module Challenge', have not only resulted in an additional €6300 raised, they have build up Drupal 9's future success by making more modules available at launch.

Finally, a new 'Pixels for Drupal' site takes the Million Dollar Homepage idea and applies it to the #DrupalCares campaign: your contribution grants you 20x the amount in an allotment of pixels, which you can use to advertise your agency, brand, or any cause you wish to support, and it will memorialize your support of the Drupal Association forever—or at least as long as the site is hosted by amazee.io :)

There's still a little time left to make a donation that will be matched this month, so head over to the Drupal Association's website and contribute if you haven't already!