AnsibleFest 2018 is a Wrap! Slides from my presentation and notes

AnsibleFest 2018 is in the books, and it was a great conference! I was able to attend the 'Contributors Summit' in Austin on Monday, and remotely Thursday, and I learned quite a bit! I also presented Make your Ansible playbooks maintainable, flexible, and scalable on both days of the conference. Slides from that session are available below, but you'll have to wait for the actual video to be uploaded to see the fun little gimmick I added for the live presentation ?.

I learned quite a bit about the direction of Ansible Galaxy and Ansible dependency management in general—if you haven't heard about Mazer, Molecule, and Ansible-lint yet, check out my separate post from the Contributor Summit session on Galaxy.

I'll also be posting more about Molecule in the coming days... oh and did I mention I'm starting writing on a new Ansible book? If you're interested in making scalable and highly available infrastructure with Kubernetes, and you realize you still need to automate the management of your Kubernetes clusters and deployments... then you might want to sign up to be notified when I start publishing Ansible for Kubernetes!

Ansible for Kubernetes cover

I hope to have the first few chapters ready before the end of the year, and I plan on making this book an excellent companion to my constantly-updated Ansible book, Ansible for DevOps.