Yet Again: Catholics, please stop stealing artwork and graphics!

I feel like a broken record... yet again, I was perusing the Internet (this time, Twitter), and then I noticed an illustration—a very familiar one—of the Roman collar (the white collar worn by priests):

@Boutleg didn't create the graphic; it looks like uCatholic originally posted the graphic on Facebook, where it was shared and reshared thousands of times, and liked (through that network of shares) many thousands of times.

Regardless, that graphic is the logo of the Priestie Boyz, and was lifted directly off the home page:

Priestie Boyz home page

As I've stated in my previous post on this topic, Catholics are NOT excused from licensing or copyright law. Besides the fact that I would've immediately given permission for the image's use if a tag were added to the graphic attributing the source, I spent a lot of time working on that graphic, getting the curves just right, taking a bunch of different photos to get a good angle to distinctly show the collar, and a bit of money on Adobe Illustrator, which was used to create the vector artwork.

Please, please, please attribute sources (at a minimum), and ask image and photo owners for permission before spreading them around, especially on social media, where proper attribution is a very tricky business!


Can't blame you a bit! It's an awesome graphic. Hopefully people will get the message! Is there anyway you can prevent people from being able to right click? A friend of mine did that with some of her photos on smug mug....

Yes, I can do the right-click trick, but people can still download the image pretty easily using view source, or inspecting the element, or even taking a screenshot—and they still probably wouldn't provide attribution :(

Yeah, that would be frustrating. And I had totally forgotten about Priestie Boyz! That’s some pretty awesome stuff you guys were doing!

Seems to me that ship has sailed. Your problem is with Google images and Bing and Yahoo, etc. People will do whatever is possible to them. Until somebody puts a price/cost on using images that are out there, people will do it.