A New Job (2013 edition)

In 2011, I left my job as the web developer for the Archdiocese of St. Louis to join Flocknote, and help build Flocknote into a great communications tool for churches, ministries, teams and organizations.

Flocknote Logo

I've worked with some great people at Flocknote (hi Matt, Barrett, Kait, Derek, LCM staff et all!), and have enjoyed the challenge of building a major web application on top of Drupal 7. Flocknote was built back when Drupal 7 was in the 7.1 and 7.2 stages (when many, many modules had not yet been ported from Drupal 6, and I found and patched core bugs on a daily basis!), and I was able to learn much about the craft of programming, server administration, project management, and Drupal working on Flocknote, an iPhone App, and an API, among hundreds of other little things.

Mercy Logo

Beginning next month (almost exactly two years since my start date at Flocknote), I'll be working with Mercy, the sixth largest Catholic health care system in the US (more about Mercy). I'm excited to begin working in this new environment with a new team, and will continue developing with Drupal both in the new job and in my free time (with projects like my hosted Apache Solr search and Server Check.in, as well as my other sites and organizations I help with).

If you or someone you know might be interested in the main web developer position at Flocknote, please see the Web Developer job posting on Flocknote and apply today!


Congrats, Jeff! I remember Joel Stein finishing up some work with Mercy when I was assisting with his web-design projects. You've always had a great gift working with computers ("Hey kids, I'm a computer"..haha I just had to add that). May God continue to bless you and your family in this new occupation!

Congratulations, Jeff! Anybody would be lucky to have you, but to continually align yourself with faith-affiliated jobs, you're really doing it right! Keep up the good work-- and please keep up the solr server ;)