A Few New Sites

Lately I've been working on finishing a few side projects – some websites, some apps, etc., and I thought I'd list off a few of the things I've done lately here for posterity:

  • Keith English for Missouri State Representative (website)
    I've worked with Keith to make a nice website where he can present his campaign platform and show some of the things he's done for the area he's hoping to represent. The site has some neat little front-end optimizations that I've been playing around with lately.
  • Before I Do St. Louis - Wedding and Event Planning (website)
    My good friend, Jenny Madras, has recently started her own business planning events and weddings in the St. Louis area, and it seems she already has some great clients! I'm excited for her, and was glad to help her make a very simple but elegant website.
  • Jeff Geerling's Portfolio (website)
    For a year or so, I've had a very basic HTML5-based website set up at jeffgeerling.com, but lately, I wanted to port it to Drupal and start building out a better portfolio of my work. Progress is slow, but the basic site is done, it runs fast, and it's a responsive design, so it should look pretty good on mobile devices!
  • flocknote (website)
    I've been working like crazy on flocknote (my full-time gig) the past year, and we recently added a ton of new features and gave the entire website a makeover. If you're doing any kind of Catholic communication work, check it out
  • Mac Apps, iPhone Apps
    I've been polishing up Quick Resizer (a simple/fast image resizing program for the map), and I'm working on two different iPhone apps and an Android app right now. More news to come on that front sooner or later!

Marriage is great, and my wife and I just reached our 1.5 year anniversary. I hope to write a few more anecdotes about the married life soon—stay tuned!