St. Peter's Square - Night - More to Come

Saint Peter's Basilica - Night

Went around Rome all day today; got back an hour ago and have been processing pictures since. Still not finished, but getting close. There will be a ton of pictures of St. Peter's Basilica (interior), the Vatican Museums, the Piazza de Navona, and the Pantheon later on... hopefully tomorrow, but maybe later.


If you get any good pics with both cars and St Peters...boy I could use them! (I happened upon your blog, and subscribe via rss...but this is first contact...just thought I might give it a shot...)

It's just your luck! I actually *do* have one picture with cars, at night, driving down the road in front of St. Peters. It will be up in the image gallery along with hundreds of other pictures, once I get around to finishing the photo processing.

Oops...I forgot to come back and check for a reply to my comment...

But now that I have...Great!...I'll go hunting for that picture...

Thanks again!