HUGE Photos of Saint Peter's Basilica

Two images taken on Saturday at Saint Peter's Basilica - both were stitched together using two images from my Canon PowerShot G11 in Photoshop. Click on the picture link to view the photo page on Flickr, or click the download link below the picture to see the HUGE picture file!

The first shot shows the interior of the main transept of Saint Peter's Basilica, with the main dome, the altar, and the beautiful and organic baldaccino designed by Bernini:

Panorama - Saint Peter's Basilica Transept
Download this photo (HUGE)

The second photo shows the exterior of the basilica, along with the obelisk and much of Saint Peter's Square:

Panorama - Saint Peter's Square
Download this photo (HUGE)

I was privileged to be able to take a tour of Saint Peter's Basilica with a great seminarian and friend from St. Louis who currently attends the North American College. He showed me many of the small details at the Basilica which would be lost on many visitors, and afforded a pretty awesome view of everything inside. More details will be posted along with hundreds of photos ;-)

Many, many, many more photos will be posted to the Pictures section soon. Continue to follow along as I post stories and images from Rome in the special 'Roma' section on