In Other Old News... P-D Online = Anti-Catholic Sanctuary

Thumbs down to secular media's treatment of CatholicismFor years, I and other Catholic Saint Louisans have noted with sadness the often disgraceful anti-Catholic slant with which the St. Louis Post Dispatch writes. But until the past few years, the half-truths and boring/uninformed journalistic endeavor was limited to a single story or a single author in the print edition of the P-D. Now, unfortunately, the articles with which secular media (especially the Post) try to destroy Catholocism are a free range for hundreds of other anonymous anti-Catholic commenters.

Take, for instance, today's story by Tim Townsend concerning the fact that the Archdiocese of Saint Louis was one of the contributors to the Archdiocese of Portland, Maine's campaign to protect the traditional definition of marriage. The title, "Carlson tapped archdiocesan fund to fight gay marriage in Maine," can already tip one off to the intent of the story (namely, to incite commenters to bash the Church for being 'anti-gay' and 'hating homosexuals' and 'denying human rights'), but reading through the comments is a practice in patience, as one after another, people tear down the Archbishop, the Church, and anything resembling religion/faith.

I wonder, often, if the Post is purposely becoming ignominious to cater to the anonymous commenters. I guess it generates page views, which give their overabundant ads more impressions. But does anyone take them seriously anymore?

Note: I do not wish to tear down Tim Townsend, in particular - he has actually been one of the most level-headed reporters in any secular publication that has dealt with the Church... but from time to time, an article (or 'blogzone blog' in this case) is simply abhorrent to my taste.

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