Post-Disgrace No More? We shall see...

After visiting home yesterday, I noticed a few newspaper articles my mother had clipped out for me. One caught my attention, because it had a huge picture of Archbishop Burke staring straight at me! The article, written by Tim Townsend and titled "The Man Behind the Headlines", was actually quite interesting, and didn't once take a potshot at the Archbishop. The article stuck to facts, and added some interesting quotes from the Archbishop and some people who he works with.

Archbishop Burke

I was especially glad to read one section, in which the Archbishop mentions Kenrick-Glennon Seminary:

"[Archbishop Burke] thinks attracting young men to the priesthood is crucial for the health of the church and has an aggressive strategy to bring more of them to Kenrick-Glennon seminary. Burke spends a lot of time at Kenrick-Glennon, meeting with seminarians there weekly, going on long walks with them, trying to get to know them and hoping they come to know him.

"It's a good time to visit," he said. "I really have to say that one of the most hopeful signs of life of the Church in the archdiocese is our seminarians. We really have an exceptional group of young men who are studying for the priesthood."

The Archbishop, time and again, reminds us of the importance of strong and correct formation of future priests. He concentrates many resources and much effort into ensuring the best possible priestly formation. I am very glad we have an Archbishop who has looked at the past, seen the good and the bad, and is now devoted to bringing about necessary and important changes in our Archdiocese. He is not only a very compassionate and kind man, but he also does what is necessary to maintain a vibrant and resounding Archdiocese.

Archbishop Burke is not what the media typically portrays him to be. He is not some power-hungry mastermind of an administration to gain wealth and political power, as some would say. The St. Stanislaus situation and the dealings he has had with Catholic politicians (PDF download) are part of his important duties in the Archdiocese.

In summary, I am glad to have an outstanding Archbishop who truly cares for his flock, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a non-anti-Burke article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Let us pray that Archbishop Burke may continue to be a courageous and loving pastor, and for his continued health and safety!