Yikes! Bandwidth Almost Exceeded...

I received in my mailbox this morning:

Please be aware that you've exceeded 75% of your .Mac data transfer quota for the current period. At the current rate you may exceed your quota, especially if you have received this email towards the start of a two-week monitoring period (the 1st or the 16th of the month).

So, I've moved the Duel of the Seminarians video file to another server, and I have made the 'Watch the Movie' page a little less bandwidth-intense, by simply putting three links: one for a Google Video version, one for a YouTube version, and one for a direct video download.

It takes quite a bit to keep video files online! I guess that's why most people put them on video-sharing services... but I still don't like the making people go to a place like YouTube very often; there's a lot of bad stuff there.