Archbishop Burke's 1st Anniversary of Service in St. Louis

Today the Archbishop of St. Louis (Archbishop Raymond Burke) visited Kenrick-Glennon Seminary to dine with the seminarians in celebration of his 1st anniversary as Archbishop of the Archdiocese. The seminarians presented Archbishop Burke with a spiritual bouquet of many holy hours, and said they were proud of his courage in the face of adversity.

Archbishop Burke Cuts Cake

I would personally like to thank Archbishop Burke for all the wonderful things he has done while in St. Louis. He is a very nice person, relates to others well, and truly cares for the people of his Archdiocese. In my opinion, any Catholic who is vehemently and often opposed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is doing something right. And, judging by all the negative articles written about him (those are but two of the many), Archbishop Burke is doing many things right!

Let us pray that Archbishop Burke continue to provide strength and encouragement for Catholics both here in St. Louis and elsewhere, and that he continues to shine the Light of Christ to all peoples!