Spanish Pro Life Wristbands ("Pro Vida")

I am pleased to announce that, within a month or two, a Spanish version of the popular PROLIFE Wristbands will become available. Vida Humana International affiliates will be distributing the wristbands, first to Latin American nations, and then, hopefully, to other nations. The new wristbands will be bilingual, pronouncing 'PROLIFE' on one side, and 'PROVIDA' on the other, and will be the same color blue as the original PROLIFE Wristband.

Over 100,000 youth and adult-sized PROLIFE Wristbands have been sold since my sister and I received our first 10,000 in November of 2004. For more information, please visit the PROLIFE Wristband website. Please pray that the success of these wristbands will help to spread and strengthen the right to life throughout the world, no matter what language a person speaks!

PROLIFE Wristbands

I just wanted to remind anyone who has forgotten or enlighten anyone who doesn't yet know about the PROLIFE Wristbands. I have a picture of what one looks like on the sidebar of this blog, and I wanted to post some new information on my blog so more people would know about it.

As of right now, there are four nationwide vendors (three even accept worldwide orders!), three of which sell both adult- and youth-sized wristbands. Two of them accept credit card (in addition to personal checks and money orders). The original vendor, the St. Louis Pro-Life Office, still only sells the adult-sized wristbands, but I recommend you go through them if possible, because I'm sure they do many great things with whatever money they earn from the wristbands, and they are close to where I live!

Youth-Sized Wristbands are HERE!!! $0.25 each, 50 or more!

My sister and I have just received our final shipment of wristbands - 10,000 youth-sized (180 mm circuference) PROLIFE Wristbands, to be exact! If you would like some, we are selling them for the extremely low price of 25¢ each, for quantities of 50 or more (sorry, we can't sell them in smaller quantities), plus a small shipping fee.

Here's a size comparison of the youth (180mm) and adult (208mm) sized wristband:

Youth Wristband Size Comparison

PROLIFE Wristbands

For those of you who haven't heard:

PROLIFE Wristbands are here!

These wristbands are made of durable silicone rubber, are waterproof, can fit most any wrist (they stretch) and, most importantly, they proclaim to the world that you are a PRO-LIFE Person! Click on the above link to find out how to purchase one (for only a dollar!).