Winter Ice and Snow Storm Hits St. Louis Hard

The video below simply shows some clips I shot in front of my condo during this year's major snow and ice storm that's hitting St. Louis as of the posting of this blog entry. The video was shot handheld, and you can hear the loud and constant patter of the sleet hitting the ground.

So far we have half an inch of sleet, but the sleet should be changing to snow soon. Some areas of Metro St. Louis should have over a foot (approaching two feet!) of snow.

Major Storm at Steubenville St. Louis Mid-America

There was an amazing storm that practically parked itself over Springfield, MO yesterday. I grabbed my iPhone 4 and shot some video, getting a few intense lightning strikes, a trash can lid blowing across the field of view, and some daring souls who braved the storm to get where they needed to be!