Aquinas and More Closing

Aquinas and More, a great Catholic store that had probably the best selection of Catholic goods available online, seems to be going out of business soon. This is unfortunate, because that means I'll have to go to Catholic Ripoff Supply more often (and their website needs major improvement). Ah well.

Aquinas and more going out of business.

For now until they run out of inventory, they're having a 20% off sale on almost everything.

Online Store Added to Life is a

Ubercart - One Cart to Rule them AllAt long last, I've added a proper storefront to my website to facilitate purchases of different items I have been selling for many years... I typically get one or two orders per month for the Pro-Life bumper stickers I've made and sold since 2004, and instead of going through a lengthy back-and-forth email conversation to go over payment, shipping, etc., I figured a storefront would be much easier to manage.

The store is running on √úbercart 2.x on my Drupal site. It currently has very few products, but I'm thinking of posting a couple other items here and there (such as old camera parts), so I can sell them in one place rather than on Craigslist, eBay, word-of-mouth, etc. Makes payment handling much easier as well!

What do you think of the store? Check out all the product listings.