Gun Shops and Ranges in St. Louis, MO (and Metro Area)

A great, decade old thread on The High Road forums prompted this article, which is my own roundup/review of different gun shops and gun ranges in and around the St. Louis area. I'm not an advanced shooter or anything, but I enjoy exercising the right to bear arms, and to take down paper targets with some friends!

I'm going to simply give a list of the ranges and shops I've been to (and some I haven't), and give the vitals and some brief impressions (this post will be updated over time as I visit more places on the list):

Ultimate Defense (St. Peters)

Map - Website - 636-278-2825

Crestwood Mall - Ghost Town

[January 2013 update: there is only one store still open in the mall—a LensCrafters. It's weird. I went to the post office the day before it closed, and the mall seems to not even be heated anymore (glad I brought my coat!). Entire portions of the parking lot (including all underground parking) are barricaded off, and the place looks even more like a post-apocalyptic site!]

A week ago, I needed to drop off a package at the post office, and I noticed there was a post office inside Crestwood Mall—an old shopping mall in southwest St. Louis County. Since this post office was on my way to another stop, I decided to venture into Crestwood Mall to the once-mighty mall that was in dire straits.

When I pulled into the mall parking lot, I noticed a few things:

  • There were two other cars in the entire lot where I parked.
  • There was a huge, black crow sitting on a handicapped parking sign, watching me walk towards the door.

Not very encouraging.

Online Store Added to Life is a

Ubercart - One Cart to Rule them AllAt long last, I've added a proper storefront to my website to facilitate purchases of different items I have been selling for many years... I typically get one or two orders per month for the Pro-Life bumper stickers I've made and sold since 2004, and instead of going through a lengthy back-and-forth email conversation to go over payment, shipping, etc., I figured a storefront would be much easier to manage.

The store is running on Übercart 2.x on my Drupal site. It currently has very few products, but I'm thinking of posting a couple other items here and there (such as old camera parts), so I can sell them in one place rather than on Craigslist, eBay, word-of-mouth, etc. Makes payment handling much easier as well!

What do you think of the store? Check out all the product listings.