Server - Website and Server uptime monitoring

Server is a simple and inexpensive server and website uptime monitoring service I've recently launched.

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If you have a website or online service you need to make sure is running, Server is a great way to get notified when there's a problem. Unlike most other monitoring solutions, Server offers free SMS (text) messages and email notifications, and it only costs $15/year (just $1.25/month!).

The Motivation

There are probably thousands of other uptime monitoring services on the web, and it's typically a good idea to use existing tools rather than build your own—if they're practical for your needs!

I had three main requirements for any service I wanted to use:

Dropbox: File Syncing for Everything!

I just upgraded my Dropbox account [referral-free link] from 2 GB to 50 GB; I started using the file synchronization service about a year ago, and since the day I started using it, it's been one of the best pieces of software and Internet services I've ever used.

Dropbox Upgrade Image

Neat little upgrade graphic!

There has been zero downtime, their software works flawlessly through proxies, through firewalls, through SOCKS5, etc. (and, of course, through an unprotected connection), and it's always as fast as my connection allows. I rarely give such a complete recommendation for a software product, but Dropbox, like TextMate and Tweetie, is an absolutely indispensable program for my needs.