WYD 2005: Last 'Day In the Diocese' of Roermond, Holland

I've posted pictures from days two, three and four; I don't know when I'll be able to find another wireless connection to upload the next few days of pictures again, because I leave for Cologne (Köln) tomorrow morning. I will post more as soon as I find a good connection

This program, with the many days we've spent in and around Holland, has been a great experience, and has greatly enriched my faith. We've done so much in these short few days that I find myself rushed trying to simply type this blog entry, much less organize and post pictures on the Internet!

On Holland, Europe and Faith

After speaking many times to the very kind family that is hosting myself and my fellow seminarian Brian, attending a few different liturgical services (including Sunday Mass) and talking to a few complete strangers on the streets of Roermond, I have discovered that many problems exist for the Catholic Church of Holland (and, on a greater scale, Europe).