Experience with getting LASIK a second time (2016 Edition)

In 2010, I had LASIK eye surgery on both eyes and had my vision corrected to 20/16. It seems my eyes weren't content, as they elongated slightly in the following years, and my vision degraded back to about 20/60... meaning I had to buy a couple pairs of glasses from Zenni to bridge the gap until I decided whether I'd get LASIK again.

Apparently only a small percentage of those who get LASIK after their mid-20s have their vision degrade much further... but being a Crohn's patient with moderate to severe symptoms I'm used to being in the 'unlucky' percentile! So I decided to go in for a second round of LASIK.

Jeff smiling with glasses pre-LASIK
Despite the smile, I was getting quite tired of these spectacles!