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Interview on Make Web Not War

A recent interview focusing on my involvement in open source development (mostly centering around my work with Make Web Not War website:

Make Web Not War - Interview with Jeff Geerling
Interview - Jeff Geerling - Open Source Catholic

In the interview, I speak about my involvement in Drupal, and my appreciation for a variety of different open source projects. I'm glad Microsoft is putting some resources behind sites like 'Make Web Not War', and I hope they continue to reach out into different developer communities.

Catholic Programmer's T-Shirt and Mousepad

Reposted from Open Source Catholic:

A few weeks back, after finishing a full day of swimming in PHP, HTML and CSS, I was pondering the great mystery of human existence, but probably had a little too much to drink. The result?

Catholic Programming - Design

You can buy the design on the following products (via Zazzle):

Would you like the design on anything else? I could do a mug, or socks, or anything else in Zazzle's catalog...

Alternatively, can you think of a way to code this better? ;-)

Live-Blogging to Drive Up Interest in an Event/Organization

Check out my post, Live-Blogging to Drive Traffic, Interest to Organizational Events, on Open Source Catholic. From the post:

The Steubenville St. Louis Mid-America conference is attended by over 6,000 teens every year, and there are many parents, friends, and other teens who wish they could participate as well. We have always posted information after the conference, but in St. Louis, for the past two years, we've started live-blogging and posting to social networks frequently throughout the conference, driving up traffic to our OYM websites.

We had triple the number of visitors this year than we had last year, and the residual traffic for this event is pretty strong, and keeps up interest for the event throughout the year.