The Crêpe I made in honor of Juno's mission to Jupiter

I forgot to post here, after posting to different social networks—when NASA's Juno orbiter was placed in Jupiter's orbit, it just so happened to coincide with my family's Sunday night crêpe tradition (see how to make gluten/dairy/egg-free crepes, or how to make normal crepes).

So what did I do? I used some peanut butter, cream cheese, and nutella to try to depict a tasty food version of Jupiter:

A Jupiter crepe in honor of Juno's mission milestone today

Chai-ed the Knot - Making 500 servings of Chai Tea Mix for Wedding Favors

Often, someone comes up with a brilliant idea, and later, upon realizing how much work the idea will take to come to fruition, the person gives up on the idea. However, when the idea is good enough, one might sacrifice quite a bit to make the idea reality.

Such was the case when, about six months ago, my then-fiancée and I decided we loved Chai Tea Latte. In fact, we became somewhat addicted to the substance. It didn't help that my sister and her husband encouraged the addiction :)

Chai Tea Latté
Stock photo... didn't have time to snap a shot of my own, as I happily drank it immediately!

After being introduced to some great-tasting homemade chai mix in Christmas 2009, Natalie and I decided we wanted to make enough chai mix to give two servings' worth to each guest at our wedding reception. Little did we know how much time and effort it would take to make this wedding favor.

Not only did we want the mix for each guest; we also wanted to put the mix into 'cute' little baby food jars with cloth-covered lids and custom labels. Cue step 1 - gathering supplies! Click through to continue reading...

How to Make Chai Tea Mix (for delicious Chai Tea Latte)

A recent project on which I spent many hours required the production of many gallons of Chai Tea Latté Mix; After enjoying a few cups of this extremely tasteful drink, I thought I'd post the recipe I used here, as well as a few notes for the mixing directions which will help point you in the right direction.

Chai Tea Mix Recipe - Ingredients
(You probably won't need quite this quantity of ingredients. Not pictured: the dry milk powder.)

The key to the mix is to make it really, really smooth. After you've finished mixing the chai in the food processor, you'll be rewarded with a very beautiful fragrance—you can almost breathe in the caffeine and sugar! One of the nicest things about homemade chai mix is that you can store it for quite some time, and it will still taste amazing.

Give me Back that Fish!

Give me back that Filet O' Fish, give me that fish!
Give me back that Filet O' Fish, give me that fish!
What if it were you hanging up on this wall?
If it were you in that sandwich you wouldn't be laughing at ALLLLLL!

Above are the lyrics for one of the most annoying... yet intriguing commercials ever! Who remembers McDonalds' commercial (old big mac comm)? I sure do! Looks like they have another great and catchy tune on their hands, although this one doesn't have much in the way of logical sense to it.

You can download the jingle (or just listen to it) and be amazed... for hours and hours!

And below are the two (2009 and 2010) TV commercials run by McDonalds to promote their Filet O' Fish sandwich. Who can ignore a talking fish, mounted on a wall?