Post Photos/Images to Your Drupal Site from the iPad

Now that I have effectively replaced my laptop with an iPad, I need an easy/quick way to post a photo or two from my iPad to my blog. I use Photogene as a simple Photoshop replacement on the iPad (it actually works pretty well, for being limited to 256 MB of RAM and a 1024x768 display).

I originally tried using an FTP program to transfer the file to my website, into a drop box folder I created, but FTPWrite, one of the very few FTP apps for the iPad, doesn't support uploading from my photo library. Not wanting to pay for any more weak FTP editors until Coda or something equivalent is released for the iPad, I decided to go about this task in a rather unorthodox way. Here's how I post photos to my Drupal site from my iPad:


On your iPad:

Dropbox: File Syncing for Everything!

I just upgraded my Dropbox account [referral-free link] from 2 GB to 50 GB; I started using the file synchronization service about a year ago, and since the day I started using it, it's been one of the best pieces of software and Internet services I've ever used.

Dropbox Upgrade Image

Neat little upgrade graphic!

There has been zero downtime, their software works flawlessly through proxies, through firewalls, through SOCKS5, etc. (and, of course, through an unprotected connection), and it's always as fast as my connection allows. I rarely give such a complete recommendation for a software product, but Dropbox, like TextMate and Tweetie, is an absolutely indispensable program for my needs.