code freeze

The Storm Before the Calm - Help Drupal Designers!

With less than two weeks remaining until Drupal 7's 'code freeze,' when new features and major patches will no longer be added to Drupal 7 (instead, everyone will work to optimize and clean up all the approved patches/features for an official Drupal 7 release), it's crunch time for those wishing to make Drupal a dream for designers and themers.

Initially, I had a lot of time to help along with a bunch of other great Drupal users (new and veteran alike) to help nail down a better set of core template files (.tpl.php files), along with some CSS definitions, in order to allow people to code new (and hopefully better) themes straight from Drupal core, using nothing but CSS and a .info file. (See the Stark theme (built into Drupal 7) for an example of how simple a Drupal theme can truly be!).

We've made it through: