Congratulations to Raymond Cardinal Burke!

Congratulations to Raymond Cardinal Burke (or Cardinal Burke for short), as he and 23 other men have been elevated to the rank of Cardinal in Rome this morning. We are very happy to see such a wonderful, loving, and holy man become a Cardinal!

Cardinal Burke gives the sign of peace to Cardinal O'Malley
Cardinal Sean O'Malley, archbishop of Boston, gave new cardinal Raymond L. Burke
the kiss of peace during the consistory of cardinals Nov. 20 at St. Peter's Basilica
in Vatican City. (Teak Phillips/St. Louis Review)

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2010 Consistory of Cardinals - Coverage Begins for Archdiocese of St. Louis

2010 Consistory of Cardinals - Banner

The Archdiocese of St. Louis, and it's official publication, the St. Louis Review, have begun their comprehensive coverage of this year's Consistory of Cardinals, during which Cardinal-designates Burke and Wuerl (Archbishop-emeritus of St. Louis and Archbishop of Washington, respectively) will become Cardinals.

Check out the St. Louis Review's coverage of the Consistory, which also includes a ton of background information, such as the following articles, slideshows, and galleries:

Food for Thought

Today I was quite moved by the whole Mass celebrated by Archbishop Burke. I especially loved his homily and the Holy Sacrifice on the altar. His statement, “This seminary is the heart of our archdiocese” (i.e. you seminarians are the heart of the archdiocese), REALLY struck me as something important.

He is exhorting us, as Christ did, to live out our lives to their fullest in order to perfectly imitate Christ. Not fifty percent. Not seventy-five. One hundred percent. To the cross.

How miniscule are our sufferings and complaints compared to the suffering Jesus went through! We have nothing to complain about. Jesus has redeemed us through his death on the Cross, and now we MUST work to acheive eternal salvation through our actions on this Earth.