SLU for U - Flash Animations that Poke (Lighthearted) Fun at SLU

My brother, Joel, who went to Saint Louis University a few years ago, made two Flash animations about some of the humorous decisions and actions done by the University employees and administration. It's not meant to be an entirely negative presentation, but rather a lighthearted look at some of the crazy bureaucratic policies enforced during Joel's time at the University.

Links to the Animations

The Making of SLU for U and SLU for U 2

Note from Jeff Geerling: The following post was created by my brother, Joel, while he was a student at Saint Louis University (which is where I received my bachelor's degree in Philosophy!). I'm reposting his content on my blog since SLU no longer hosts student content on their website. See also: SLU for U (The Original), SLU for U 2 (The Sequel).

To make this little animation, I used an application called Flash (version 4) from a company named Macromedia [note: Macromedia has since been bought by Adobe, who now sells the Flash animation program]. The Flash multimedia technology had become very poplular and nearly standard (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. come with the Flash plug-in preinstalled) on the Internet over the past few years. Besides creating animations like mine, Flash can even be used to create crisp, interactive websites (when used tastefully).