One of my photos is being shared around Facebook with the tagline #OccupyAdoration, shared originally by the Peoria Young Catholics Facebook Page:

Occupy Adoration

They did ask permission for using the photo, which was good of them; I've seen some of my photos pop up on websites, some videos, and even a textbook without my permission :-/

Here's the original picture on Flickr.

While I'm no great fan of the #occupy movement, I wholeheartedly agree that occupying your local Eucharistic Adoration chapel would be a very worthy cause. Save your own soul, and save the world!

Spirit & Truth - Archbishop Robert Carlson

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson closes Eucharistic Adoration at Spirit and Truth.

The image above was taken at Spirit and Truth St. Louis' Thursday night Benediction, this week with Archbishop Robert J. Carlson (Archbishop of Saint Louis, MO).

Spirit and Truth is a community of young adults (there are many of them in the United States) focused on building life-giving relationships through study of Sacred Scripture, discussion of relevant issues, and, most centrally, through the worship of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. You can read more about Spirit and Truth St. Louis on their website.