What happened to Life is a Prayer.com?

[Update: I've finished building a new theme for Life is a Prayer.com; it's a bit of the old, mixed in with a bit of the new. What do you think?]

I'm in the middle of upgrading Life is a Prayer.com to Drupal 7 (to the non-geeks out there: I'm changing up the structure of the site a little bit, and giving it a new coat of varnish).

So... for a while you'll probably see a few things here and there that are out of place (especially in sections like the Pictures area, where photo galleries are displayed). Please report any problems you have in the comments below, and wish me luck as I start redesigning the site to make it look even better than ever!

(This current look is only temporary - Things will be back to normal soon!).


Drupal 7, eh? Nice. Can't wait to see it finished! : )

Technically, it's already 'finished', but I'll definitely keep tweaking things here and there as I see fit. Hopefully the refreshed design is nicer on the eyes. This is the first time I'm using a serif font for body text on pretty much any site I've designed, and I'm still having mixed feelings about it...

Looks nice! One suggestion...please make the affiliate links (Amazon, specifically) easier to find. Thanks.

A few more years down the road... and I'm still on Drupal 7, but I've moved everything over to www.jeffgeerling.com with a way simpler theme to boot!