User-friendly spam prevention for your Drupal site

...such is the title of my session proposal for DrupalCon Denver 2012. I'm aiming the presentation at beginners, but it should be helpful for anyone with a Drupal site that has fought the battle with spammers—and lost.

Preventing form spam chart

Since I've had experience building and maintaining a variety of sites, from small blogs with a few posts a week, to large community sites with hundreds of posts and user accounts created per day, I figured I would try to share some of my experiences and what worked and what didn't. I hope to talk about the importance of keeping your site's user experience (UX) first, while still fighting off spammers, and then speaking about particular use cases and solutions.

I wrote up a post titled "Preventing Form Spam" on my personal website summarizing a lot of what I'd be talking about; if you want to hear more, please vote for my session, User-friendly spam prevention, on the DrupalCon Denver website! (Hurry—voting ends November 14!). See you in Denver!