I registered on 2010-08-19 for fun—but after three years, and little traffic (besides bots and the occasional Drupal user popping over from an old link), I'm shutting down the site, and will let my domain registration expire.

Is there a module for that dot com screenshot

If someone is interested in the domain, let me know how you'd use it in the comments below, and I'll consider transferring it to you instead of letting it expire and a squatter taking over.


Hi there,

I am running There's a module for that, and it would be great to have your domain redirect to mine. Cheers,


for some time, I have an idea for Drupal site, that seems missing to me. It would be basically a wiki, categorised by solutions Drupal modules can provide. It would combine existing concept of distributions with a new one, which I call "recipes". These would contain references to modules needed for completing some solution, such as wiki, forum, etc and quick tutorial, describing how can site builder use these modules to build a solution. There will be some social features as well, including rating, comments, etc. If you are interested, you can take a look at mockups at

If you would allow me to build this module on, I would be very grateful.