Remove Tower's .git folder association in Mac OS X's Finder

I use Tower from time to time to do some git operations that require a little more attention or a better visual overview than what I can get via the CLI and built-in tools. However, I noticed that Tower likes to take over any folder with .git, and make Mac OS X's finder turn it into a 'Tower' package, so double-clicking the folder (which now behaves like a mini app or file) opens Tower.

I don't like that behavior, because I have some [example].git folders that I want to browse in the Finder or in other Mac apps without having to 'Show Package Contents'. Apparently GitX has the same issue, and I'm not the only one annoyed by this behavior.

The fix, for me, was simple:

  1. Get info on the .git folder (right-click and 'Get Info', or select the folder and hit Command-I).
  2. Select 'Terminal' under "Open with:"
  3. The "Open with:" menu should then change to (because Terminal realizes this is actually a folder).

It seems like, after doing this and clicking 'Change All...', you can't switch back to the old behavior, but that's fine by me. I'll open .git folders in Tower when I want to, thankyouverymuch!