Prepping for Git on - Need a Git client? Try Tower

A few weeks ago, I heard rumors of a new Git client for the Mac that was supposed to be even easier/prettier than my past favorite, GitX (specifically, brotherbard's fork of GitX). GitX is simple, and very usable, but just feels rough sometimes. But... it's free, so it is very nice in that way.

Tower for St. Louis Review
Yes, I often work on the server. "Do what I say, not what I do."

This new Git client is Tower, and it is awesome. I paid for two licenses for my two Macs, and I highly recommend it for other Mac users deeply invested in Git. The interface is simple, it has searchable commit logs, it lets you stage and unstage (and modify) changes and commits with efficiency and ease, and it is $50 well-spent. Check out the Tower demonstration video on YouTube.

Until now, I still did most of my Git work in the terminal, because it was simply easier/safer-feeling. Tower changes that, and will allow me to be a heckuva lot more efficient in my versioning work (and a lot more daring in creating and merging branches!).

With the entire Drupal committed module repository set to move from CVS to Git, Tower couldn't come at a better time.

Any other nice Git tips or bits of software that should be highlighted here?