Exported View: Show OG Content, with filters

For a few of my community-based sites, I wanted to give Organic Groups group members the ability to easily see all the content in their group, regardless of published status, content type, etc., in a list form. Kind of like the universal site Content List, except for each group, and only visible by that group's members.

I've created the view I attached below to do just that—and it has an added bonus of letting users filter their content by published status, content type, or by searching in the title. After importing the view into your own Organic Groups-enabled site, you should be able to modify the view to show links and information custom-tailored to the content on your site.

Example Screenshot:

Group Content List View

The view simply adds a tab titled 'Content List' to any group node's home page, and allows group members to see it based on their roles... you may want to edit the view after you import it to make sure only the appropriate users have access...


Thank you so very much for doing this and publishing your work! It works like a charm, and I'll be able to learn from your example. Standing on the shoulders of giants as they say. Thanks again!!