DrupalCon Portland is Coming Up... and Spam-Fighting News!

Druplicon at DrupalCon - balloonDrupalCon Portland is only a couple months away (early bird registration ends soon, so get your tickets if you haven't already!), and I'll be headed out that way. If this will be your first time attending a DrupalCon, be sure to read my First Timer's Guide to DrupalCon from last year.

At this year's DrupalCon, I'm excited to hear about everything going on with Drupal 8, as we're nearing the end of the development cycle, and a release candidate is on the not-too-distant horizon.

After having a baby and shying away from much Drupal contrib/core work, I finally had some time in the past few weeks to get up to speed on many of the Drupal changes that have been committed in the past month or so—and boy are they amazing (CKEditor in core, new node edit form, new responsive layouts, new admin toolbar, config, views, etc.)!

In addition, since the feature freeze deadline has passed, I decided to try porting Honeypot (a popular spam bot-fighting module) to Drupal 8. So far, most everything works, but I'm still working on making sure new configuration changes are accounted for.

I'd love to talk about everything I've learned while developing Honeypot and running some small—and large—community websites (juicy targets for human and non-human spammers!). To that end, I've submitted the session Spam is War, and would love to hear (in the session's comments) anything specific you'd like to learn more about. Spam is a difficult problem, but there are many weapons you have to fight it! I'll go through all that and more during the session, if it's accepted.

Also, if you're a daring soul, and would like to help me get Honeypot up and running well in Drupal 8, download Drupal 8 and Honeypot 8.x-dev, and give it a whirl! Hopefully more module and theme maintainers will start porting their projects to Drupal 8 under the banner of #D8CX, now that core is feature frozen!


I am waiting for DrupalCon Portland. I am a huge fan of Drupal and mostly used it as a development platform.