Testing Drupal 7 Pre-Code-Freeze

After running through an installation of Drupal 7 using the latest CVS HEAD revision, here are a few cursory notes:

  • LOVING the new admin toolbar - Will still use admin_menu for myself, but for content editors, the new toolbar across the top is quite a usability improvement, imo.
  • "Automatically run cron every X hours" built into core - a great feature, especially for those who can't configure crontab on their host/server (or don't know how to). Also comes with a sensible default (3 hours).
  • Status report page looks a little funny (at least in Safari 4.x).
    • The 'run cron from outside the site' line is kinda confusing at first glance, and looks erratic. Might want to change that into a different kind of link...
  • Dashboard is nice.
  • The 'Seven' admin theme really needs icons :-P
  • "Check for updates of disabled modules and themes" at admin/settings/updates <-- FINALLY!
  • Moving from Seven theme to installed theme when managing blocks is kinda weird, I have to say...
  • I like the streamlined Content Type addition page - now it has vertical tabs, and the first thing that shows is the options for changing the Title/Body field labels, which is what I typically do first... so, nice!
  • It would be nice if the Menus page listed Main menu, then Secondary menu... but it's alphabetical, with other menus in-between, so that can't quite happen :-(
  • There's a nice "Clear Log Messages" button on the dblog page, which is extremely convenient.
  • It's not immediately apparent how to get back to the website from anywhere in the /admin section of the site (?) --> you have to click the itsy-bitsy "Home" breadcrumb link.
  • Image styles – WOAH! Awesome sauce! ImageCache-ishness in core!
  • Stark theme - Love the 'starkness,' but there's a lot of craziness going on with IDs and Classes - too many right now (as opposed to D6's too few/not right classes). Funny, since that's something we thought we had fixed up already.

These are some thoughts off the top of my head based on a quick glance through a test site... Things are looking great so far, and the site felt pretty fast and smooth while I was testing. Can't wait for code freeze / streamlining for 7.0 release!