Let's Get Through the PHPTemplates!

I just finished rolling a patch for fixing node.tpl.php in Drupal 7 over on the Drupal.org issue queue; hopefully it's ready to be rolled into core, as it's been weeks months since that particular issue was started. Page.tpl.php is already complete. We still have a few more to go, including comment.tpl.php, block.tpl.php and a bunch of little .tpl.php files.

I think Drupal 7 is going to be the best release of Drupal yet, in terms of being able to have a lot of appeal to non-programmers/techies. I set up my first ever full-fledged Wordpress site a few days ago, and it was super-easy to get things going (although also severely limited in what it could do, compared to a base Drupal install with Views and CCK), choose a new theme, change some settings, and hit the ground running.

By making it easier for themers and designers to quickly customize a Drupal site to their liking, and by having some themes included with core that are either (a) beautiful and functional or (b) great for starter themes (like zen, stark, or genesis... all which are great for different reasons), we can grow the Drupal design community exponentially.

We're almost to that point; we just need to keep making patches, keep having meaningful discussions in #drupal (unlike this one) and the issue queues, and keep feeding webchick cookies (and ice cream). Let's make Drupal the best CMS for designers, themers, and everyone in-between!


i think u should remove block.tpl.php too cause it is removed!

It seems to me that block.tpl.php is still kicking around in CVS for Drupal 7... unless I'm mistaken? I know box.tpl.php was removed, maybe you're thinking of that?