Druplicon Golf Ball (DrupliGolf)

After having seen DrupliBacon and DrupliCake (there are other great adaptations of the Druplicon as well!), I decided I wanted to get some creative juices flowing this weekend. I present, DrupliGolf!

DrupliGolf - Druplicon on a Golf Ball

Drupligolf is the result of a round of golf, an addiction to Drupal, and a love for the best OSS mascot in existence. (The latter reason will definitely strike a chord with anybody who's shared a drink with the Druplicon in #drupal... and actually drank).

How I made the DrupliGolf Ball

Step 1 - Cut out face using blue painter's tape (ultra-thin variety) with razor blade.

DrupliGolf - Cut Face
(Measure twice... cut twice? First one was a bit small).

Step 2 - Finish applying the tape-based face.

DrupliGolf Ball - Face Masked!
(He looks so happy!).

Step 3 - Paint over everything with Sharpie Paint Pen (the lighter blue variety).

DrupliGolf Ball - Face Masked, Painted
(Looks like he's on the tanning bed... bleeding blue blood).

Step 4 - Peel the paint away, enjoy your DrupliGolf ball!

I hope I'll have more time to take pictures of the DrupliGolf ball under better lighting conditions and with my D90 (I was using my iPhone 4 to grab some quick stills on my kitchen table here...), and to enjoy a swing or two on the golf course, to see if this little guy can compete with my current favorite ball, the Callaway HX!


Brilliant, I love it. I especially like the assembly instructions! I can't wait to see what the community comes up with in the future in the way of bizarre Druplicons.