Closer, Ever Closer, to Pure-CSS Bliss in Drupal

Today I contributed my first 'original' piece of content to Drupal: a handbook page entitled Create a CSS-Only Theme. Since the first time I heard about the Stark theme (a Drupal theme which does nothing but expose all the 'stark' html output of Drupal core), I've been thinking of ways to enable designers to quickly build out unique and beautiful themes for Drupal. In Drupal 7, I think this will be a reality. (And maybe, just maybe, I'll create a theme for inclusion with Drupal 7 in the next few months).

Drupalers (myself included) are currently working on fixing the core template files in Drupal so they will provide enough CSS selectors to make web designers happy. We've finished the main template file, which lays out every page on a Drupal site. We're currently working on the 'node' template file, which lays out the main content area of each 'node' in Drupal. By the time Drupal 7 is released, we should have all the main template files fixed to the point where anyone can build a new theme for Drupal without ever seeing a line of PHP.

One area that needs a ton of help, though, is the Drupal 6 Theme Guide in the Handbooks. I've added one page (see the link at the top of this post), but the bigger problem is the disorganized nature of all the pages in the Drupal 6 handbook. I hope that we can get the pages organized in a logical and coherent manner, removing pages when needed, adding others, and rounding out the categories in an easy-to-remember way. Fellow Drupalers: what will you do to help?


@ Anonymous - I couldn't agree more!