Launched: Red Shirt Jeff merch store

It makes me throw up a little in my mouth to say this, because it's such a YouTuber thing to do... but I now have an official merch store to go along with my YouTube channel:

Red Shirt Jeff store - launch products

The Red Shirt Jeff store has original designs that I find interesting or funny, and there are three shirt designs available at launch:


I can't checkout because of "Uncaught TypeError: is not a function" -- I'm blocking Google Analytics in my hosts file.

Unfortunately, that may be a limitation from Teespring, which I am using to host the store. I'd contact their support ( and see if they can fix that bug in their site's frontend. It should work without analytics! What if Google Analytics is unreachable? Shouldn't cause customer checkouts to fail.

I get a blank white page and no content loads. Might be related to using pi-hole for DNS, however disabling the filter in pi-hole still results in a blank white page for me.