How I make my YouTube videos - 100K Office/Studio Tour

Early this year, I passed a major milestone on my YouTube channel—100,000 subscribers!

I've had a channel since 2006, but never really devoted time to it until last year, and I'm blown away by the positive response I've gotten publishing videos on Raspberry Pi, Kubernetes, Ansible and more.

How I make my YouTube videos - 100K YouTube subscriber silver play button

To celebrate the milestone, I created a 'how it's made' video where I go behind the scenes and show how I made—from start to finish—my Argon One M.2 Raspberry Pi Case review video.

Here's that video, in case you ever wondered how one of my videos is made, end-to-end: 100K How I make YouTube videos - BTS Office / Studio Tour.

If you're interested in any of the gear I use, I have links to everything I mentioned in the video in the video's description on YouTube.


Hi Jeff, in this video you mention that your audio/video gets out of sync.

I had this problem and I think it was something to do with the recording frequencies or the framerate each was set to. Too long ago to be sure but I think my audio recorder was set to 48kHz/25fps and the borrowed DV camera was set to 44.1kHz/25fps.

Later when I had my own camera, I set to both to matching rates and had no issues. Anyway, maybe worth checking/experimenting with? If you can't be bothered talking for half an hour, just film the TV then import and check sync.

Congrats Jeff. I think your channel has grown faster than Bitcoin value this year. ;)
Though I am not fond of the video format.

I try (especially with more in-depth videos) to still post a good detailed blog post along with it. It's really hard to do both things well for some content, though. Writing for video is wildly different than writing for a concise blog post.