2021 Open Source Pay-it-Forward Pi Giveaway

This year, I wanted to solve two problems:

  1. Open source projects and maintainers often get no reward (even a simple word of thanks!) for their efforts maintaining the tools we rely on every day.
  2. I have a box full of really awesome Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 boards and products like the CutiePi, a PiBox mini 2, and a MirkoPC!

To solve both problems, I'm doing a giveaway—to enter to win one of any of the pictured items below (and maybe a few others I can find lurking in my office), just donate or say thank you to any open source project or maintainer, then submit your entry.

OSSThanks Giveaway items

The drawing will be at random and should be held next Friday, so please make sure to fill out the entry form by then!

I'm not going to save anyone's email address or sell your data, this giveaway is just to achieve the two goals stated at the top, nothing more. Good luck, and spread some #OSSThanks this year!

Enter to win here, and read the official giveaway rules.


This is such a fantastic idea. I use a lot of open source projects in my daily life, especially for work. It was difficult to pick one, but I ended up going with Remmina, a fantastic RDP client (among other things). Maybe I can convince my employer to donate to a project, too. I don't use social media, otherwise I would have made a post trying to mention all of the amazing open source projects I rely on.

No problem on not having social media, I'm glad you sent something to Remmina—that's new to me, and now I'm going to have to give it a spin!

What a great idea! Fingers crossed that I can score one of those CM4s, I'm dying to build a router with the DFRobot carrier board after reading your article. 😂

Great Idea. I hope I win! :)

Keep up the great work on the blog. And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!