Kubernetes 101 livestream series starts Nov 18th!

On November 18th, at 11 a.m., the first episode of my upcoming Kubernetes 101 livestream series will start on my YouTube channel.

Kubernetes 101 Series Artwork

The first episode will be available here on YouTube: Kubernetes 101 - Episode 1 - Hello, Kubernetes!.

You can find more details about the series on my Kubernetes 101 site, and there is also an open-source Kubernetes 101 GitHub repository which will contain all the code examples for the series.

In the spring, I presented a similar livestream series, Ansible 101, covering all the basics of Ansible and setting people up for success in infrastructure automation.

This series will cover the basics of Kubernetes, including building and deploying containers, managing applications, managing clusters, and more! If you're a total beginner, or even if you're already a pro with containers and want to see what Kubernetes is all about, check out the series, starting November 18th!

I want to also thank amazee.io for sponsoring this series, as their support made it possible for me to finally buy an Elgato Stream Deck, so I hopefully won't forget to unmute myself every live stream :D

Interested? Don't miss an episode!

  1. Go to my YouTube channel
  2. Log into YouTube and click 'Subscribe'
  3. Click the notification bell if you want a notification when new episodes are live!


Thanks for the session today. It was a nice intro. Excited about the next session.
Wondering and hoping you might be covering/mentioning Kubic and Podman in the series?
Thanks again,