NEDCamp 2018 - Keynote on DevOps

Over the past decade, I've enjoyed presenting sessions at many DrupalCamps, DrupalCon, and other tech conferences. The conferences are some of the highlights of my year (at least discounting all the family things I do!), and lately I've been appreciative of the local communities I meet and get to be a part of (even if for a very short time) at Drupal Camps.

The St. Louis Drupal Users Group has chosen to put off it's annual Camp to 2019, so we're guiding people to DrupalCorn Camp, which is only a little bit north of us, in Iowa.

NEDCamp New England Drupal Camp logo

And I was extremely excited to receive an invitation to present the keynote at NEDCamp (New England Drupal Camp) 2018 in Rhode Island! Not only that, the keynote (and indeed the entire camp this year) is focused on DevOps—a topic/philosophy/role very near and dear to my heart.

I maintain Drupal VM, wrote Ansible for DevOps, and maintain hundreds of open source projects used by thousands of organizations to make their DevOps dreams a reality. In the keynote, I will be focusing a little more on the philosophy of DevOps, and how adopting this philosophy can accelerate your development and site building process, while reducing pain (outages, bugs, angry users and clients).

I'd love to see you at NEDCamp—or DrupalCorn (fingers crossed I'll be able to make it!)—later this year!