Discussing Open Source project maintenance ('how to not drown') at DrupalCon Baltimore

I'm excited to be presenting at this year's DrupalCon Baltimore on a topic near and dear to my heart: I'll be presenting Just Keep Swimming: Don't drown in your open source project! at DrupalCon next month.

On a basic level, I'll outline ways I deal with rage-inducingly-vague bug reports, hundreds of GitHub notifications per day, angry and entitled users, and keep a positive attitude that allows me to continue to contribute on a daily basis.

This will be my first time presenting in the Being Human track, but I'm excited because in a lot of ways, it's the DrupalCon track that I get the most out of—what good is the work we do if we can't tie it back to our own identity, our community, and ultimately a sense of relationship with other people? There are many other great sessions in the Being Human track; if you're a DrupalCon veteran and have spent most of your time in the more technical sessions (and even the 'hallway track'), you're missing out on a wealth of knowledge gained through the community's collective experience!

The Birds of a Feather schedule was also just posted, so please add a BoF if you're interested in discussing some aspect of Drupal, Open Source, community, etc. (I just added a BoF to discuss Managing Drupal sites with Composer, as that's a topic that I deal with on a daily basis, and there's surely room for improvement!)