Reviving an old dresser by rebuilding the wooden drawer rails

My wife and I needed an extra dresser to keep up with the growing family (third baby is on the way in a few months!), and since we would rather buy things that last—but not buy new if we can save a bundle of money—we bought a used wood dresser on Craigslist:

Craigslist wood dresser

First lesson: always inspect every last bit of furniture before loading it up and hauling it away! Most of the rails were in not-great condition, and the guides on the drawers weren't in great shape either:

Craigslist dresser with old broken wood drawer rail guide

We decided to make the best of the situation and make as good a repair as possible, resulting in much improved (like new!) rails:

Craigslist dresser with new and fixed wood drawer rail guide next to old worn drawer rail guide

The process was basically:

  1. Measure the old boards, get some Poplar boards that were as close to the old dimension as possible.
  2. Trim the width of the new boards with a circular saw (since I don't have a table saw).
  3. Route the channels in the middle of the sides with a router (thanks, Dad, for letting me use your router/table!).
  4. Screw the new rails in place, then cover them in what I'm calling 'wood snot'—it's Slideeze Lubricant meant for wood.

You can see the full gallery and description of the process on Imgur (and see related discussion on Reddit's /r/DIY):

Dresser drawer rail rebuild