Steubenville 2013 - Chosen

This weekend, I'm down in Springfield, MO, photographing the Steubenville St. Louis Mid-America youth conference (which is on its second weekend—more than 6,000 teens participate in this event!).

Steubenville 2013 - Chosen Logo

I'll be posting my pictures in near-real-time to Flickr (on stlyouth's photostream — here's a link to all the pictures from the weekend), and I'll hopefully have time to do a writeup on the gear I'm using—two Nikon bodies (including a rented D7100!), two Eye-Fi cards, and a 4G hotspot.

Here are two of my favorite shots from the tonight (Eucharistic Adoration is always a highlight):



You can follow along the entire weekend on the OYM's Live Blog, or via any of the OYM's various social media accounts (listed in the right column of the live blog). Jennifer Brinker, of the St. Louis Review, has already written a story about the use of social media during the conference which is worth a read. She and photographer Sid Hastings will be working some stories throughout the weekend (it's always fun to shoot alongside a more seasoned photographer!).