"Ordain a Lady" - Thérèse of Lisieux is not impressed

I noticed this video yesterday, featuring a nasally rendition of Call Me Maybe by the Women's Ordination Conference (not worth a link):


  • "Excommunication, I'm still glowing."
  • "[I] don't listen to St. Paul."
  • "We want our Church back."

Notably, comments were disabled sometime this morning, after over 300 comments were posted yesterday witfully deriding the lunacy of the video (additionally, the negative ratings were beating positive ratings 2:1). I guess the Women's Ordination Conference can dish it out, but can't take the heat.

The video mentions St. Thérèse of Lisieux, and says that like her "I need to give this a whirl." Looking at the WOC's website, I found the following:

St. Thérèse of Lisieux, a Doctor of the Church, is the patron saint of women’s ordination. St. Thérèse’s call to the priesthood is well-documented. St. Thérèse died at the young age of 24. Before her death she stated, “You see, God is going to take me at an age when I would not have had the time to become a priest…. If I could have been a priest, I would have been ordained at these June ordinations. So what did God do? So that I would not be disappointed, he let me be sick: in that way I could not have been there, and I would die before I could exercise my ministry.”


Thérèse of Lisieux is Not Impressed

Yeah, so that quote is not entirely accurate, and is completely devoid of context. Something the organization also tends to do when representing Paul, Pope John Paul II, and pretty much anyone else they disagree with.

For a good read on how far from the Mark the WOC is, check out Peter McDonald's article, Did St. Thérèse want to be a priest?.

It's ironic that this video was published shortly after I wrote a response on Quora to the question Why are there no female Roman Catholic priests?. And after a much better (and more faithful) adaptation was published by Imagine Sisters of Convent Maybe?


When I saw this video of girls dancing in chasubles, citing St. Therese, the first thought to cross my mind was a meme you have posted above. You read my mind.

-Fr. Jason