Feeling Better, and a Contest!

Hello everyone! I'm finally back from the hospital and on the mend. It turns out I had mono, and the combination of a couple immunosuppressants and the mono hit me pretty hard. It was interesting being in the ER, ICU and general hospital floors, and if I weren't wiped from a crazy-high 104.6°F fever in the ICU, I would've spent more time looking at all the awesome devices into which I was plugged!

Needless to say, I'm feeling much better, and I even got back to work today!

Contest - Win a RØDE smartLav! [Update: contest is over]

Note: The contest is over; see the winner here.

Server Check.in (one of the services I run through Midwestern Mac) is holding a simple contest: leave a comment on the blog post Contest - Win a RØDE smartLav!, and you're entered to win a Rode smartLav microphone, to which I gave five stars in my review.


Sorry for bugging you here, Jeff. But I am going to Europe in a few days (will see some of those wonderful churches, etc, too - to honor my father who was killed in communist Poland years ago.) It's a long story, but I need your help with a wireless mic, please read below and send me an email if you would: [email protected]
Thanks a lot! You are a great man!

Things are not working for me with my cheap wireless system. I have:


WM- PRO Wireless

I tried all types of combination with my iPhone 5 and can't get the sound form this mic/system. I did get to record on the iPhone using a regular mic and the iXZ but not through this mic. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!!!

You'll need a special cable to get the Azden into the iXZ - you need a 1/8" mini plug to XLR mic adapter. You can't use the Azden with the 1/4" phono plug on the iXZ.

Otherwise, you could use a KVConnection mic-level 1/8" female to iPhone TRRS adapter cable (bypassing the iXZ altogether.

The first cable mentioned above would be easier to find locally, though, if there's an audio/music store somewhere, like Guitar Center or something like that. Just ask for a 1/8" to XLR male adapter cable or plug.