Daddy #protips

I've been thinking about starting a Tumblr account for some of the many Pro Tips™ I'm learning from raising a baby. I'm sure there are about 10,000 more that I will learn in the next month alone.

Like "when your baby boy starts peeing during a diaper change, you can either let the stream hit the nice carpet and cause a stain, or use your hand (which is much easier to clean) as a deflection shield to keep everything in the waterproof changing pad liner." Apparently this also makes your wife laugh.

It's like babies know when the worst time is to spit up, go potty, and scream—and intentionally do those things at that time. I think they're just playing us parents all for fools.

But they're so darn cute, it's impossible to get angry.


Here's a tip: be careful leaning back on the couch and lifting your child high above your head with your mouth open saying things like "ah" and "ga ga", because you never know when your cute bundle will spit up right in your mouth (yes, this actually happened to me).

Yeah, definitely have to be aware of gravity in that situation!

I've actually registered the domain Daddy Pro Tips, and am trying to come up with some starter content... definitely have some good material, but need to write it before I forget it!