St. Louis Catholic Business Owner Sues HHS over Contraception Mandate

O'Brien Industrial Holdings, LLC

Frank R. O'Brien, owner of O'Brien Industrial Holdings, has filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Health and Human Services because the recent contraception mandate violates his right to freedom of religious belief.

CBS News reports:

The lawsuit marks the first legal challenge to the HHS mandate from a private business owner and his company. Until now, only religious organizations or institutions have brought lawsuits challenging the mandate. ...

[American Center for Law and Justice representative Francis J. Manion says] "The HHS mandate tells people like Frank O'Brien that they have to choose between conducting their business in a manner consistent with their moral values, or conducting their business in a manner consistent with the government's values. The constitution does not allow the government to impose such a choice."

It'll be interesting to see where this goes. And no, HHS, making insurance companies pay for the contraceptives instead of the small business itself is not different; you're still violating conscience rights, and for what?

If you can, please show support (either through prayer or direct contact) for Mr. O'Brien and those who oppose this ridiculous mandate.

More Information: Direct link to the lawsuit documents (PDF)


Frank's a good man, know him for a long time. What's the best email to send letters of support to?

Thank you for exercising your rights and for standing up for what is right and good and for what you believe in. It is inspiring.