Interview with the 16-Bit Catholic (Dustin Faber)

Halo 4 Master ChiefIn a break from normal events, I talked with a Twitter friend Dustin Faber tonight about gaming. Many people who follow this blog and follow me on Facebook might know I enjoy video games, but they might not know how much I enjoy them :)

My brother and I both played a ton of arcade and early computer and console games growing up, and I currently play games in the Halo series and a little Minecraft from time to time. Not as often as I did before I met my beautiful bride, but still here and there when I need a diversion.

The 16-Bit Catholic (@16bitcatholic on Twitter) interviewed Stephen Baumgartner (@holy_Spork) and me for today's episode, and we talked about our impressions of this year's E3, some other gaming-related news (Xbox and Playstation games, the Wii U, etc.), and booth babes (i.e. gaming companies going over the line with their objectification of women).

Listen to the podcast episode from the 16-bit Catholic!

(Trivia: The lead-in song for the podcast is from one of my favorite NES games, Mega Man 2!).